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AT&T restricting employees from taking vacations in June


Apple's fourth-generation iPhone could go on sale as early as June, according to a new report which mentions that AT&T has blacked out the month for vacation days in apparent preparation for the handset's launch.

"Same story as last year and the year before, but we’ve confirmed with multiple AT&T sources that the carrier has now put a block on employees taking vacations in June," wrote BGR's Boy Genius. "The only time AT&T does a straight block like this is for iPhone launches. What’s interesting is, if AT&T is blocking June, perhaps the iPhone will launch a little earlier than July this year."

No further details were reported.

In years past, Apple has used its Worldwide Developers Conference in June to introduce new versions of the iPhone before making them available for sale between two and four weeks later.

Although Apple has yet to announce its 2010 developers conference, rumors have suggested that a span between late June and early July appears most likely. Interestingly, however, the past two WWDCs have been announced by Apple in March (1, 2), leading some to speculate that this year's event may take place at a later date given that we're halfway though April with no official word from the company.