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Rumors of Verizon-compatible CDMA Apple iPad with 4G LTE return


Verizon Wireless is rumored to be testing a CDMA version of Apple's iPad, which could also feature access to the provider's forthcoming high-speed 4G long term evolution data network.

Citing a "highly placed source," Boy Genius Report on Wednesday said that the nation's largest wireless provider was testing the new, unannounced Apple hardware.

"We have been told that the model they are testing is a CDMA-compatible device, and while our source mentioned LTE in some capacity (possibly another model), we haven't been able to independently confirm that part of it," the report said.

The publication took the latest rumor to mean that U.S. customers will "probably" have both the iPhone and iPad available on Verizon's network "very soon."

The rumor comes as AT&T announced it will no longer offer unlimited data plans to new customers for the iPad. Previously, the company charged $29.99 per month for unlimited access, while the new maximum is $25 a month for 2GB of data. Customers who have an existing unlimited plan are not required to change.

Though the iPad ships unlocked, its 3G radio is only compatible with AT&T's high-speed data network in the U.S. That leaves those that attempt to run it on the nation's other GSM-based network, T-Mobile, relegated to EDGE speeds.

Boy Genius Report has had a respectable track record in forecasting AT&T and iPhone related announcements, but some of its Apple rumors have been less than accurate. Last year the site incorrectly indicated iTunes 9 would add Blu-ray support and said Apple would create a social media consolidation application, both times citing a "reliable" source. In January, the site also inaccurately hinted that a Verizon announcement would coincide with Apple's introduction of the iPad.

More recently, the site relayed a rumor that a new Verizon iPhone could run on a Voice over Rev. 1, or VoRA network, allowing simultaneous voice and data connections. Such abilities are not currently available on the carrier's CDMA network, though AT&T's GSM network can handle simultaneous voice and data.