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Apple's US Mac shipments grow 15.4% to 1.6M in June quarter

Quarterly estimated PC sales were released Wednesday afternoon, revealing that Apple was the fourth-largest computer maker in the U.S., shipping 1.6 million units during the second quarter of calendar 2010.


Apple shipped an estimated 1.618 million Macs in the June quarter, good for an 8.8 percent domestic market share. Apple finished in fourth place, an improvement from last quarter, when the company shipped 1.13 million units and took fifth place with a 6.4 percent market share.

Apple's second-quarter estimates from IDC also showed a 15.4 percent increase from the same three-month period in 2009. A year ago, Apple shipped 1.402 million Macs and had 8.6 percent of the U.S. market.

Apple's fourth-place finish put it ahead of Toshiba, which shipped an estimated 1.56 million PCs and garnered 8.5 percent of the market.

The top domestic PC maker was HP, which shipped an estimated 4.721 million PCs, taking 25.7 percent of the market. It grew 14.2 percent from a year prior.

Dell came in second, with 4.408 million PCs shipped, giving it a projected 24 percent market share. It, too, grew in the double-digits, increasing 10.9 percent from a year prior.

Year-over-year growth was slower for Acer, maker of low-cost netbooks. Though the company came in third place, shipping an estimated 1.618 million PCs and taking 11 percent domestic market share, it only grew 1 percent year-over-year. That was significantly less than the U.S. market average of 12.6 percent year-over-year growth.

Preliminary U.S. PC Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for 2Q10 (Thousands of Units) | Source: IDC

In all, IDC forecast that 18.357 million PCs were shipped in the U.S., out of 81.505 million shipped globally in the three-month period. Worldwide, the top three vendors were the same, with HP followed by Dell and Acer. Taking fourth globally was Lenovo, followed by Toshiba and Asus tied for fifth. Apple did not rank among the top global vendors for the period.

"The PC market remains robust, and in a recovery phase, despite challenges to a broader economic recovery, such as slow job growth and a more conservative outlook in Europe and Asia/Pacific," said Jay Chou, research analyst with IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. "The factors which led to the recent PC rebound – an aging commercial installed base, a proliferation of low-cost media-centric PCs, and low PC penetration through much of the world – remain key drivers going forward."