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Verizon will stream live FiOS TV over home Wi-Fi to Apple's iPad


An upcoming iPad app from Verizon will enable subscribers of its FiOS service to stream live TV over their home Wi-Fi networks.

Verizon's announcement on Wednesday unveiled several new video applications for its TV and video services, as reported by NewTeeVee. The upcoming iPad app, which is due out early next year, will utilize what Verizon CIO Shaygan Kheradpir called "cloud TV." Usage will initially be limited to within FiOS subscribers' own homes.

According to Verizon, the technical aspects for the app already in place, and the last hurdle is the company's ongoing talks with content partners to work out the legality of streaming to the device. Verizon claimed it should already have streaming rights, since the iPad is "just another screen in the home."

Kheradpir showed the nearly finished app streaming a live CNN video. Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, has been working together with Verizon to develop the app. While several other content providers are also working on their own iPad apps, Verizon's efforts stand out because it hopes to offer streaming content rather than remote control features.

The iPad wasn't the only device featured at Wednesday's press conference. Verizon also demoed FlexView, a video on demand app due later this year, that will work on Android phones, the Blackberry Storm, and Windows Mobile 6.5. An iOS version will follow at a later date. Videos purchased or rented through FlexView would be stored in the cloud and accessible by multiple devices.

Apple was rumored to have been working on a competing streaming video and TV service for several years, but recent reports point to disagreements on licensing terms as the cause of repeated delays.