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Supplier denies involvement in Apple's alleged touchscreen iMac

A component supplier claimed last week to be involved in a supposed forthcoming touchscreen iMac from Apple has denied reports linking it to the rumored desktop.

According to DigiTimes, a spokesman for Sintek Photronics specifically denied that his company is sampling capacitive touch panels for an alleged touchscreen iMac. The same Taiwanese industry publication was the source of the rumor, which surfaced last week.

The report originally claimed that Sintek sent samples of capacitive touch panels to Apple for a new touchscreen all-in-one desktop computer. It was said the supposed device will have screen sizes of 20 inches and greater.

Though DigiTimes on Tuesday reported the official comment from Sintek, it did not retract its belief that Apple is working on a new touch-enabled iMac. The site has perpetuated that rumor since early 2010.

It was in January that it was claimed a 22-inch touchscreen iMac would launch this year. However, the original report involving Sintek claimed Apple was still testing components, suggesting a product launch was not imminent.

One noteworthy patent application discovered this year shows a touch-capable iMac-style desktop computer that could operate in a traditional format, but with a hinge on the back that would allow it to be tilted for easier access for a user's fingertips.