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Wi-Gear CEO denies rumors of Apple acquisition

A rumor that Apple had acquired Bluetooth iOS headphone maker Wi-Gear was put to rest Wednesday when the Wi-Gear CEO proclaimed it false.

Earlier this week, a rumor appeared that Apple had acquired the now-defunct company. The rumor cited as evidence the ceasing of operations at Wi-Gear and changes to cofounder Michael Kim's Linkedin profile, which now states that he is working for Apple as a "Bluetooth iOS engineer." The acquisition was alleged to have taken place about two months ago.

"The rumor is false," Wi-Gear CEO Mark Pundsack said in an e-mail to Barron's. "Wi-Gear and its IP are still available for sale."

Wi-Gear formerly made a line of "iMuffs" Bluetooth wireless headphones with adapters for iPhones and iPods that lack Bluetooth 2.0 support. Apple previously offered a Bluetooth headset alongside the original iPhone in 2007, but discontinued the product in March 2009.

The disproving of the rumor calls into question speculation that Apple could create its own line of wireless headphones, though if Kim has indeed taken a role as a "Bluetooth iOS engineer" at Apple, it could result in better support for Bluetooth from the company.