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Report: Apple iAd to launch in Europe this week

Apple will reportedly expand its iAd advertising platform to Europe in partnership with a variety of strong brands to be announced later this week, a new report states.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple has twice delayed its European launch of iAd in recent weeks, but is now ready to unveil a list of brand partners.

The report noted that "early adopters could include L’Oréal, Renault and Nestlé, with two or three campaigns running on iPhone and iPod touch apps in early December. Most will not run until next year, however."

iAd expansion

Apple announced its initial launch of iAd in April, and began displaying the first ads at the beginning of July.

Just last week, Apple expanded the iAd program from the United States and United Kingdom into the Japanese market with partner The Dentsu Group.

Apple's foray into mobile advertising immediately gave it significant market share in the emerging business of mobile ads, with IDC reporting in September that Apple had taken a 21 percent slice of the pie at the expense of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

As Apple expands its iAd program, it has upset some agencies by either developing its own content in house or initiating rules that agencies and some advertisers have found too limiting. Two of the initial 17 advertisers have pulled out of iAd to deliver their ads on the iPhone and iPad using alternative ad networks.

Apple's entry into the mobile ads market has been fast and furious. It only acquired Quattro Wireless earlier this year, greatly expanding its reach in conjunction with iOS integration and a creative pairing of technology and advertising savvy to create a successful new global brand.