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Apple reveals best-selling, trending iTunes content, apps of 2010

Apple on Thursday released "Best of 2010" and "Top Sellers" lists for iTunes content in 2010 and highlighted the range of functionality of App Store offerings through "Hot Trends in 2010" lists for iPhone and iPad apps.

In a follow-up to last year's iTunes Rewind "Best of 2009" lists, Apple released updated lists for the year on Thursday.

The lists underwent several changes from last year, though, as the Apps section now includes "Hot Trends" for the year, rather than an editorially selected "Best of" list like last year. Also new, of course, is the section for iPad apps, since the tablet was released in April of this year.

"Hot Trends" in 2010 for the iPhone ranged from entertainment and consumption to content creation and productivity. With trends like "Shoot Edit Share," "Augmented Reality," "Band in Your Hand" and "Generative Art & Sound," the iTunes editorial staff hope to showcase the iPhone's more creative apps, while trends like "Quick Fix Games" and "On the Grid," which highlights social networking apps, represent the more casual, social side of iPhone apps. The "Fun for Foodies" trend features apps like Foodspotting and apps from celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Mario Batali.

The top downloaded free iPhone app was Facebook, while the phenomenally popular "Angry Birds" game topped the list of paid iPhone apps. MLB.Com At Bat took the coveted title of "Top Grossing" iPhone app for 2010.

The list of "Hot Trends in 2010" for iPad apps closely resembles the iPhone. The "Interactive Stories" and "Magazines and Newspapers" trends reflect the role of the iPad as an eReader. Also, the "Mobile Office" trend highlights several productivity apps on the iPad, including Apple's iWork suite for iPad.

Apple swept the top iPad app categories with its own applications. iBooks was the most downloaded free iPad app, and Pages landed both the "top paid" and "top grossing" titles.

The top selling music single of 2010 was "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. The iTunes editorial staff chose Eminem as Artist of the Year and the album "Brothers" by The Black Keys as Album of the Year.

Movies featured on the "Best of 2010" movies list included "Toy Story 3," "Inception," "Exit Through the Gift Shop," and "A Prophet." Academy-award winning "Hurt Locker" took the top spot on the list of bestselling movie sales and rentals.

Modern Family was chosen as Best Comedy Season, while the critically-acclaimed show Mad Men was featured as Best Drama. iTunes editors picked the latest season of Doctor Who as the best Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and Jersey Shore as the top Reality TV show of 2010.

The top-selling TV episode was the "Power of Madonna" episode from Glee, while season 4 of Mad Men garnered first place among top-selling TV seasons.

As the top music retailer in the U.S., iTunes has become a household name. The App Store has had an impressive year as well, with over 300,000 apps now available. In fact, the App Store has been so successful for Apple that the company plans to bring the concept 'back to the Mac' early next year in the form of the Mac App Store.