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1M Apple TV sales confirmed; Logitech denies it was asked to halt Google TV shipments

After announcing that sales of the Apple TV would top 1 million units last week, Apple has confirmed that it met the goal before Christmas, while Logitech has publicly denied a rumor that Google had requested a halt to its Google TV shipments in anticipation of a software update.

Apple TV sales

Apple confirmed the milestone to John Paczkowski of All Things Digital on Monday. The Cupertino, Calif., company had revealed last Tuesday that it expected sales of the $99 cloud-centric Apple TV to exceed 1 million in advance of Christmas and within three months of the product's launch.

Analysts viewed the news as positive, but noted that the additional revenue from the device was "fairly immaterial." 1 million units per quarter would amount to $400 million in annual revenue, said analyst Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. On the upside, Wu believes the Apple TV is set up to become "a more material contributor and game changer in the TV space," especially if Apple introduces an App Store that allows users to download applications for the Apple TV.

The Apple TV's previous milestone was 250,000 units in October after six weeks of availability. During the company's October earnings call, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs commented that Apple was "thrilled" with sales of the device.

Google TV

A DigiTimes report last week alleged that Logitech had halted shipments of its Revue Google TV set top box while Google readied an update to the software. On Monday, Barron's reported that it had received a vaguely worded email from a Logitech VP denying that Google had asked Logitech to halt production of the Revue.

"Logitech has not been asked by Google to suspend production of its Google TV products. As those familiar with the product know, it is not necessary for Logitech to make changes to the Logitech Revue with Google TV companion box to accommodate future enhancements to Google TV. Every Logitech Revue companion box will receive free over-the-air updates whenever Google and Logitech release software enhancements," wrote Nancy Morrison, Logitech's VP of corporate communications.

"Logitech is currently meeting the inventory needs of its retail customers, continuing to ship products on schedule to meet their holiday and post-holiday demand."

"Logitech does not discuss the specific production plans for any of its products. As high-volume manufacturer of electronic products, Logitech’s use of its own factories as well as those of its manufacturing partners, provides the company with flexibility in how and when it produces products to accommodate customer demand."

Though a subtle distinction, Morrison did not actually deny that Logitech had halted production of the Google TV device, simply that Google had not requested it. Morrison asserted that Logitech is meeting the needs of its retail customers, but it is unclear what exactly those "needs" are.

Technology journalist Wall Mossberg recently named Google TV as his second-worst reviewed product of 2010, behind only the Dell Streak. In his original review of the platform, Mossberg called Google TV "too complicated."

Manufacturers named in a report by The New York Times last week have yet to deny the claim that Google asked it to delay introducing new Google TV-enabled televisions.