iPad 2 specs said to include HD video, 3MP camera, DisplayPort

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A report examining iOS 4.3 beta firmware concurs that the next iPad will be offered in three models (WiFi, 3G GSM/UMTS and 3G CDMA), but adds mention of a 3MP camera capable of 720p video recording, DisplayPort video output, and what appears to be a hardware battery gas gauge.

The report, by web developer Chris Galzerano, describes mention of three new iPad models designated as iPad2,1 iPad2,2 and iPad2,3, as well as a placeholder "iFPGA" model (a designation Apple uses to reference prototypes using a field-programmable gate array, which is a chip with functions that can be reprogrammed).

The report also noted plist files referencing 720p, a magnetometer (digital compass), DisplayPort (the video output system Apple has standardized on across its Macs, which is also used to output HDMI signals), and mention of "gas-gauge battery and multitasking-gestures."

One case design suggested the presence of a top facing port that could be the size of Apple's mini DisplayPort, potentially enabling iPad 2 to support HDMI video output in addition to the existing support for composite VGA.

Related to AVFoundation settings, the report noted that iPad 2 should be capable of recording VGA, 720p and iFrame, a reduced resolution 960x540 format created by Apple to deliver near HD quality H.264 video at much smaller video sizes.

The report also references 3MP camera connected to a device model referenced as N88. However, that model first appeared in a Chinese rumor from 2009 detailing the iPhone 3GS, which used a 3.2MP camera.

An independent report on iPad 2 maintains it will appear with 1MP rear camera and 0.3MP VGA front facing camera, the same configuration as the current iPod touch. In contrast, iPhone 4 uses a 5MP rear camera. The iPod touch 1MP camera (technically 0.7MP) is still capable of recording 720p video however, given its 960x720 resolution.