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Apple's new Thunderbolt iMacs get Boot Camp update, dual-monitor out

Apple on Tuesday quickly released an update to address issues with Boot Camp on its new iMacs. Also, the new 27-inch all-in-one desktop supports two monitor outputs via its two Thunderbolt ports, and orders can ship with a Magic Trackpad instead of a Magic Mouse at no extra cost.

Boot Camp 3.2 Update for iMac

Buyers of the newly released Thunderbolt-equipped iMac can download Boot Camp 3.2 Update for iMac direct from Apple. The 638KB update is only applicable to the early 2011 model iMacs.

Apple said the update addresses issues with Japanese and Korean keyboards on the early 2011 iMac. Boot Camp is Apple's software that allows users to install Windows 7 on their Intel-based Mac.

Apple issued a similar fix in April for its new Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro models. That update also addressed shutdown issues, but some users reported it caused problems with adjusting the screen brightness.

27-inch iMac supports up to three displays

Apple's new big-screen 27-inch iMac, released on Tuesday, comes with two Thunderbolt ports for both high-speed input/output and Mini DisplayPort support for additional monitors. The inclusion of two Thunderbolt ports means the iMac can support three displays, when combined with the 27-inch screen on the all-in-one machine.

Engadget put the new feature to the test, hooking two 30-inch Dell displays up to the two Thunderbolt ports on the 27-inch iMac. The end result was a total of 11,878,400 pixels spanning three displays, which can be seen below.

Magic Trackpad now available at no extra cost

When ordering the new iMac from Apple's website, customers can now choose between the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. Previously, the Magic Trackpad, which was released last July, had to be purchased separately.

Customers who want both a Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad can have both for an additional $69. And the wired Apple Mouse is an option as well, available at no extra cost.

The new iMacs released on Tuesday also include the option of a solid state hard drive in both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch models. Custom orders built with the second flash-based drive will have Mac OS X and applications installed by default on the faster solid-state drive. The second, 7200rpm, traditional hard drive can then be used to store media and files.