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Apple officially begins offering 7-day App Store return window in Taiwan

Apple has amended the terms and conditions of its iTunes store in Taiwan, granting users a 7-day return window in compliance with local laws.

The changes now in effect were first reported on Friday by IDG News. The changes only apply to customers of the App Store who live in Taiwan.

Apple made the change after it was told to do so by the Taipei city government in June. The revised terms and conditions, found in section A, read:

"You may cancel your purchase within seven (7) days from the date of delivery and iTunes will reimburse you for the amount paid, provided you inform iTunes that you have deleted all copies of the product. Upon cancellation you will no longer be licensed to use the product. This right cannot be waived."

Guo Tingguang, a spokesman for the Taipei Law and Regulation Commission, reportedly said that the city government believes Apple took the correct approach in making the revisions. The government now plans to work with Apple to provide Chinese translations for some English-only products available on the App Store.

Google's Android Market offers users a 15-minute window to decide whether or not they want a refund. The search giant was fined nearly $35,000 for not changing that policy in June. The company has officially said it disagrees with the city's stance.

Outside of Taiwan, Apple has granted some users refunds for App Store software by request. Those reimbursements have been handled on a case-by-case basis, but reports of them are numerous.