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Apple issues fourth beta of iWork apps for iOS 5 & iCloud

Apple on Saturday issued a fourth beta of its iWork applications for iOS, allowing developers to test Pages, Numbers and Keynote with iCloud and iOS 5.

It's yet another update issued ahead of the impending launch of iCloud, following closely on the heels of the ninth beta of iTunes 10.5 Apple supplied to developers on Friday. The new iWork applications feature support for the new Documents and Data service that will be included with iCloud.

With the updated iWork suite, once a user takes an action like creating a document in Pages, that document is multiplied via iCloud and instantly available on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or the iWork Web application, accessible remotely from any browser.

Users will no longer need to manually save a document locally or to remote storage like iDisk. Files saved via iCloud-aware applications won't count toward the free storage available in the service, just as Photo Stream, applications and iBooks won't count against the free 5GB of storage offered with iCloud.