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Apple's Fifth Ave store becomes memorial site for Steve Jobs

Mourning the loss of Steve Jobs, many who admired the man and appreciate his contributions to the world have shown their respects by placing flowers, candles, notes and apples outside of the Apple Store on New York City's Fifth Avenue.

Though the glass cube that serves as the store's entrance remains under wraps as construction continues, Apple fans have taken to paying their respects at the front steps of the retail location. The Fifth Avenue store is an East Coast hub for Apple, serving as one of the most heavily trafficked stores in the world with its instantly recognizable grand entrance.

People began to gather outside the store Wednesday night as news of Jobs's passing spread. Thursday morning, the site remained active, with members of the media present to cover the story, and admirers of Jobs coming by to pay their respects.

Laid at the entrance were flowers, candles, balloons and apples, along with letters dedicated to the Apple co-founder reiterating that he will be missed. Placed at the center of the makeshift memorial, a sign read "Keep Thinking Different," referencing Apple's memorable ad campaign.

Construction at the Fifth Ave cube has been underway since June. The $6.7 million project will replace the previous design of 90 glass panes with 15 larger ones, giving it a cleaner and simpler look.

The original cube was personally designed by Jobs, and is one of the most photographed landmarks in New York City. Jobs even paid for the project himself and owned the structure.

Below are photos of the Fifth Ave store as seen Thursday morning, courtesy of AppleInsider reader Ryan.

Memorial 1
Mourners began to memorialize Steve Jobs at the Apple Fifth Avenue store Wednesday night.
Memorial 1
A customer exits the Fifth Avenue Apple Store on Thursday morning.
Memorial 1
Media and crowds remained at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York Thursday morning.
Memorial 4
Memorial 5
Newspapers across the world have hailed Steve Jobs as 'visionary' in covering his death.

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