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Best Buy airs TV ads promoting itself as a source for Apple products

US retailer Best Buy is running new TV ads promoting the chain and its "store within a store" Apple displays as the place to buy Macs, iPads and iPhones.

The new ads depict a sales associate demonstrating FaceTime on an iPad to a woman, who replies "that is so cool. I didn't know you guys had all the Apple products. My family is going to flip out."

The sales agent adds "I guess Santa better watch his back!"

The customer laughs, then answers, "Yep!" Followed by a scene showing Santa Claus adding gifts to the customer's Christmas tree before noticing a variety of Apple products already presented as gifts, including a MacBook Pro, A MacBook Air, an Apple TV and iPad and iPhones.

The lights come up and Santa turns to the woman, seated nearby, who picks up the glass of milk left for Santa and drinks it menacingly. "Game on, Santa," the titles read.

"All the hottest Apple gifts, and the professionals to help," a voiceover announces, as iPad, MacBook and iPhone are displayed. "At Best Buy."

The Best Buy logo is depicted with the tagline "Everything Apple. At Best Buy."

Apple pioneered the concept of store within a store marketing before entering the retail business itself ten years ago. It not only became a major retailer of electronics, but also introduced very attractive "Genius Bar" support services to help consumers feel comfortable with their purchases.