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Apple accounts for three of Google's top ten 2011 searches

Three Apple-related search terms were included in Google's Zeitgeist 2011, with Steve Jobs, the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 all ranking as one of the top ten fastest-rising global queries recorded by the internet search giant.

According to Google's annual list, which records the fastest-rising searches in the world, the iPhone 5 (ultimately the iPhone 4S) was the top queried Apple item in 2011, following Rebecca Black, Google+, Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony and Battlefield 3.

Searches for Steve Jobs, who died in early October, ranked at number nine on the Zeitgeist, while the iPad 2 rounded out the top ten.

While searches for the iPhone 5 saw gradual growth throughout the year, queries for the handset and Steve Jobs both spiked in early October. Apple launched the iPhone 4S on Oct. 4 and Jobs died on Oct. 5, causing millions of Google users to seek out information regarding the two closely-related topics.

The iPad 2 came in at number ten on the list, with searches peaking on Mar. 3, a day after being unveiled at a special Apple event. The company's second generation tablet went on to enjoy huge sales numbers in 2011, despite rumors that the iPad 3 will make its debut next year.

Google's Zeitgeist comparing searches for the iPhone 5 with Steve Jobs

Apple dominated the global list for fastest rising tech and gadgets, holding seven of the ten spots for 2011. iCloud, Mac OS X Lion, iPad 2, iPod touch 5G, iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro 2011 took the top six spots respectively. Adobe Reader X stopped a top seven Apple sweep, coming between the MacBook Pro and Steve Jobs.