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Apple reportedly recruiting workers for Israeli R&D center

A new report claims Apple and its new acquisition Anobit are actively recruiting workers for the company's research operations in Israel.

Hebrew-language newspaper Calcalist (Google Translation, via Techie-Buzz) claims that Anobit, which was acquired by Apple late last year, is now hiring after holding a round of layoffs earlier in the year.

The downsizing was said to be part of the acquisition as some of Anobit's employees were no longer needed at the company. Specifically, sales, marketing and administration and the enterprise server division were reportedly cut from Anobit.

According to the report, Anobit has changed its name to HDC (R&D center in Herzliya). The company's former president, Airel Maislos, is believed to be the new senior executive at Apple's development center.

Maislos is said to have turned to his friends for help as he actively recruits for Apple. The Cupertino, Calif., company is reportedly looking for employees specializing in "engineering algorithms, software and hardware."

The report also noted that Apple had put out wanted ads for a northern development center in Haifa. An earlier report by the newspaper had claimed that the Haifa R&D center would be finished by the end of February.

Apple's facilities in Haifa and Herzliya will reportedly have different focuses. Herzilya is expected to develop memory devices, while the "Technion" center will likely develop Apple's A-series chip components bound for the iPhone and iPad.

Rumors surfaced last December that Apple had purchased Anobit for $500 million. Apple confirmed the deal in early January, but neglected to specify how much it had paid for the company. Anobit is expected to help Apple increase flash memory capacities while cutting costs and maintaining reliability and longevity.