Apple sells 1 million copies of iPhoto for iOS in less than 10 days

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Apple revealed on Wednesday that the newly released iPhoto for iOS has sold a million copies from the App Store in its first 10 days.

There are now a million users of iPhoto for iPhone and iPad, Apple announced to The Loop. The number applies to users and not downloads, meaning it sold a million copies of the software.

At $5 apiece, that means Apple made $5 million from the software in its first 10 days of availability. The application was released two weeks ago, after the company unveiled its third-generation iPad.

Dubbed a "reinvention" of the preexisting iPhoto for Mac, the new version takes advantage of the multi-touch capabilities of the iPad and iPhone. It also supports photo sizes up to 19 megapixels.

As of Wednesday afternoon, iPhoto was the second-most-popular paid application on the iPad App Store, holding an average user rating of three-and-a-half stars out of five from nearly 2,300 reviews. On the iPhone App Store, where applications priced at 99 cents tend to dominate sales, iPhoto is currently the 18th-best-selling paid application, though it ranks 15th among the top grossing.