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Apple looking for help building 'next generation' of data centers

Even as Apple has broken ground on a new server farm project in Oregon, a job listing posted by the company references plans for the "design and construction implementation of the next generation of data centers."

With a job title of "Data Center Construction Project Manager," a successful candidate would "become an important part" of the team building Apple's next-gen data centers, as noted by Wired. The role is fairly broad and involves managing data center projects from "all levels administrative, cost, and contracting perspective."

It's not immediately clear whether Apple's plans for a "green" data center in Prineville, Oregon, count toward this so-called next generation, but the company has begun work there on a "small, initial phase," according to Prineville city planner Josh Smith.

"It's just kind of a first phase that they've thrown together to get things started on the ground," Smith recently told The Oregonian.

This first phase appears to be just 10,000 square feet, just a fraction of the 160 acres that Apple purchased for the new data center. Prineville city engineer Eric Klann told Wired last month that Apple plans to have eight modular data center units installed on the property before eventually building a bigger facility "similar" to a nearby Facebook server farm.

Local officials have said that Facebook "kind of helped recruit" Apple to the area last year by providing representatives with a tour of its facility.

Facebook data center

Facebook's data center in Prineville, Oregon | Source: Facebook.

The Cupertino, Calif., company confirmed last month plans to build a data center in Oregon, but it declined to reveal what about the project would make it environmentally friendly.

Apple also operates a large-scale server farm in Maiden, N.C. The company is currently in the process of building fuel cell and solar installations to provide green power to the facility, which supports Apple's iTunes and iCloud products.

Data Center

Apple's server farm in Maiden, N.C.