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Apple's next iPhone reaffirmed to have smaller 19-pin dock connector

Joining earlier claims that Apple plans to shrink the dock connector on its next iPhone, Reuters reported on Monday that Apple's sixth-generation handset will feature a 19-pin port.

The change will "make room for the earphone moving to the bottom," Monday's report said, citing two unnamed sources. Authors Clare Jim and Lee Chyen Yee also reaffirmed that the next iPhone is expected to go on sale "around October."

Claims of a "mini dock" for the next iPhone are not new, but more specific reports of a 19-pin dock connector first surfaced over a month ago. The new standard will presumably be incompatible with current accessories, but would allow Apple to adopt new product designs, such as a larger battery or smaller form factor.

Analysts who spoke with Reuters believe that Apple will attempt to placate current iPhone customers who will upgrade to the new model and find their existing accessories no longer work. It was speculated that Apple will provide some sort of adaptor allowing the new iPhone to be used with legacy accessories that rely on the 30-pin connection.

Also supporting claims of a smaller dock connector on the next iPhone are device renderings and third-party cases that have leaked online in recent weeks. They also show a device with a larger, 16-to-9 display, along with a headphone jack moved to the bottom of the device.

Other parts that have leaked online suggest the next iPhone will have a centered FaceTime camera, while the home button below the front display will remain unchanged. The next iPhone is also expected to feature in-cell touchscreen technology that will allow the display on the handset to be even thinner than the current design.