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Front & back panel purportedly from Apple's next iPhone captured on video


On the heels of photos claiming to show the front and back of Apple's next-generation iPhone, a new video shows a close hands-on look at the parts, giving an idea of how such a device might look and feel.

The video, posted on Monday by Japanese blog Macotakara, shows what are alleged to be the front glass panel and the back panel of Apple's next iPhone, expected to launch later this year. It feature the slightly taller 4-inch display that Apple is expected to adopt, as well as a headphone jack moved to the bottom of the device, and a smaller dock connector port.

The front of the pictured handset retains the home button that has been on every Apple smartphone since the first iPhone launched in 2007. In the video, the user can be seen stretching their thumb from the top to the bottom of the screen, demonstrating how the larger 4-inch display can still be operated using one hand.

The video purportedly showing Apple's next iPhone also includes a SIM card port on the right side of the device, while volume and mute buttons remain on the left side, and the lock button remains in the top right corner. The back of the handset also has the two-toned look that has been featured in previous component leaks.

Also included in the video are a number of internal parts alleged to be from Apple's next iPhone. Among them is a flexible power cable that includes connectors for the volume buttons, mute switch, sleep button, and a new unknown feature, all located in the top left of the device.

Author Danbo said he has "no idea" if the power cable's new mystery feature will connect to a near-field communications chip. Rumors have suggested that Apple plans to add NFC functionality to its next iPhone, making the new Passbook application in iOS 6 more full-featured with e-wallet functionality.

Over the weekend, a front and back panel claimed to be from Apple's next iPhone also surfaced in still pictures online. They showed identical features from previous component leaks, including a centered FaceTime camera above the earpiece.

The back of the handset features a two-tone aluminum design with a unibody casing that has a slight beleveled edge. The back panel was said by those who had hands-on time with it to have a high-quality milled aluminum feel consistent with Apple products while remaining remarkably thin.