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POP charger Kickstarter alive again after Apple revises Lightning accessory rules

With Apple adapting its Made for iPhone rules to allow charging accessories with both Lightning and 30-pin connectors, the POP charger Kickstarter project is now back online.

Backers of the project were sent an e-mail on Monday to let them know the project is once again active, according to GigaOm. Jamie Siminoff, one of the project's founders, admitted he never thought Apple would have changed their minds.

As you know on Thursday we sent you an update that because of Apple’s rules around Lightning we would be canceling POP. The story got A LOT of news and reactions, way more than we could have ever imagined. In fact it became such big news that 24 hours after we posted Apple changed their guidelines for Lightning.

It was an incredible turn of events for us. We never could have imagined that we would be able to change Apple’s rules.

Based on Apple’s change we can make POP the way we had promised and the project is back on. We will not be processing refunds and are going full speed ahead to produce and deliver the product to you ASAP.

The Kickstarter project had been effectively killed after it was discovered that the POP was not compatible with Apple's strict rules for Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. But the cancelation of the project, which had raised nearly $140,000 from the crowd-funding website, gained considerable attention online.

After users expressed frustration over Apple's rules, the company changed course and revised its Made for iDevice guidelines. Under the new rules, third-party manufacturers can build accessories with the LIghtning connector in conjunction with legacy 30-pin adapters.

Even after the change, Siminoff initially said he was not planning to resurrect the POP project and refunds would be issued to all customers. But Siminoff apparently had a change of heart since then, as the e-mail sent out Monday indicated no refunds will be issued and the project will continue forward.