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Latest Vine update brings front-facing camera support

After seeing its fair share of hype and controversy, six-second video sharing app Vine gets updated to version 1.1, bringing support for front facing-facing cameras, and with it the promise of a totally new class of "selfies."

Vine first hit the iOS App Store in January as a free title, with the Twitter-owned title allowing users to share six-second video clips in much the same manner as tweets. Most recently, the app made its way to the top among free iOS apps in the App Store.

Version 1.1 opens up use of the iPhone's front-facing camera, which could yield interesting results as a number of users currently employ the mirror technique to capture self-videos. Also in the update is an improved people search and various bug fixes.

A minor controversy hit Vine when users starting posting pornographic images shortly after the service was launched, as is the case with many social media sites. In an unfortunate incident, Vine inadvertently promoted one of these NSFW video clip to its "Editor's Pick" section, leading onlookers to proclaim the service had a "porn problem."

Soon after, Apple removed the app from its own list of "Editors' Choice" selections. As a result of the flap, Vine was updated with a 17+ age rating, limiting the scope of its intended audience.

Vine is free to download from the App Store and comes in at 11.5MB.