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Path app gets enhanced security features, more friend finding options in latest update

Less than a week after being accused yet again over user privacy issues, social networking app Path on Friday released an update with enhanced security settings and a bevy of new features.


Path's latest version 3.0.4 brings a number of tweaks and big fixes, but perhaps most important for some is a new option in the Settings menu to disallow a user from being discovered in global search. The new feature adds a bit of privacy for users not wanting to broadcast their page to everyone on Path, and allows account holders to use the app in a different way than many other social media services.

A recent report regarding how Path handles friend discovery and invitations gained some attention on the Web earlier this week when digital marketer Stephen Kenwright tested the app, finding its invitations process too intrusive for his liking. He noted that Path blasted out invitations to everyone on his Facebook friends list without his express approval, as is the default operation unless an "Unselect All" option is selected.

For its part, the company argues that the methods are meant to simplify the friend finding process for users, saying the app "is really best with friends." Many account holders don't mind the automated invitations, however, and the behavior can easily be turned off in-app.

With that in mind, the latest update adds improved tools for finding friends and family with Twitter and Gmail integration. It is unclear if the app will send out automatic friend requests to a user's entire Twitter following or Gmail contacts list, though the company hasn't changed its stance on friend discovery since Tuesday's incident.

Also included in version 3.0.4:
  • Typing: Wondering if your friend is typing a message to you? Now you will know if they are typing and where they are typing from.
  • Unread Messages: Never miss a message. Improved unread message badging and notifications.
  • Group Message Names: Now you can personalize a Group Message by simply tapping on the name.
  • Search Bookmarks: Love searching for the same moments all the time? Now you can bookmark your favorite searches.
  • New User Experience: Improved new user experience.
  • Speed: All kinds of speed and performance improvements all around the app.
  • Bug Fixes

Path is a free 24.1MB download available now in the App Store.