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Briefly: South Australia's first Apple Store to open Saturday in Adelaide

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In an update to its website on Monday, Apple revealed its newest retail location in Australia, at Rundle Place Centre in Adelaide, will open its doors on Saturday at 10 a.m. local time.

Customers can already make appointments with the Rundle Place Apple Store's Genius Bar, as well as for upcoming workshops for the company's various product lines, through the dedicated webpage that recently went live.

According to Adelaide Now, the Apple Store will be passing out T-shirts to commemorate the event, as is customary for a new retail opening.

The Rundle Place location will boast a Genius Bar, in-store workshops, One to One service and business-class offerings like Joint Venture. In addition, free youth programs will be offered at the store, including Youth Workshops, Field Trips and Apple Camp.

It was reported earlier on Monday that Apple's brick-and-mortar outlets netted a record $58 per visitor last quarter, which amounted to an average per-store revenue of $13.1 million.