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Rumor: Photos claim to show 'iPhone 5C' mute switch, volume and power buttons

Supposed "iPhone 5C" physical buttons. | Source: Sonny Dickson

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A set of images hit the Web on Monday claiming to show the so-called "iPhone 5C's" physical control buttons in a number of different colors.

The photos, posted by Australian Apple blogger Sonny Dickson, appear to show pill-shaped physical buttons purportedly bound for a low-cost iPhone dubbed the "iPhone 5C."

Aside from the obvious color differences, the supposed parts carry a different design than those seen on the current iPhone 5. The volume buttons in particular are pill shaped, not round with etched with "+" and "-" symbols, and reflect a design consistent with older iPhones like the 3GS.

iPhone 5C Buttons

The purported parts line up with 3D renderings of the iPhone 5C supplied to AppleInsider in June. The renderings were based on blueprint images leaked earlier that month.

Earlier on Monday, another supposed parts leak showcased a set of iPhone 5S rear glass inserts, each having an oval-shaped cutout next to the camera hole, suggesting the next-gen handset will sport a dual-flash arrangement.