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Apple's 'Stanford 2' retail site opens to crowds and lines

Apple has officially opened its "Stanford 2" retail location, an event that drew crowds of both customers and lookers-on.

The Northern California Apple Store has been undergoing a substantial overhaul in order to install a "glass box and floating roof" design, making it one of three stores to feature such a design. Now, AppleInsider reader Jeffrey has supplied images of the grand opening event, which happened on Saturday.

As late as June of this year, construction was still underway at the Stanford 2 site.

The store was first revealed in March of 2012, with its design giving window shoppers a 180-degree view of the interior. Designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, its aesthetic is a continuation of an architectural language that has come to typify many of Apple's most recently-opened retail locations.

Another two retail outlets will soon open with designs similar to the Stanford 2 location. One will be located in downtown Portland, while the other will be in France.