Apple releases new 'Greetings' iPhone 5c television ad

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A third television commercial for Apple's mid-range iPhone 5c appeared on the company's official YouTube channel early Monday morning, briefly shifting the campaign's focus from the phone's aesthetic to the emotional connections it helps facilitate in everyday life.

The new spot, which has been released in a short, 31 second version as well as a 62 second extended cut, is entitled "Greetings" and features people from around the world using the iPhone 5c to say 'hello' in various languages.

Following in the footsteps of "Plastic Perfected," which showcased the iPhone 5c's colorful polycarbonate shell and "Designed Together," which focused on the integration between the new device and Apple's radically redesigned iOS 7, "Greetings" marks a slight alteration in messaging for the mid-range handset's ad blitz.

Rather than touting the phone's design and features, the spot instead highlights the ways in which the device can enhance the user's lifestyle. This more emotional approach — begun with the company's famous "Think Different" campaign — is typical of Apple's advertising strategy since late CEO Steve Jobs's return in 1997.

The iPhone 5c and its sibling, Apple's new flagship iPhone 5s, sold a record-breaking 9 million units in their first weekend of availability. Though Apple has not provided breakdowns of sales by model, a similarly-timed report suggests that the 5s may have been more than 3 times as popular as the 5c during their first weekend on the market.