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Rumor: product page for Retina iPad mini hints at Nov. 21 launch

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Apple's highly anticipated iPad mini with Retina display has yet to receive an official sell-by date from Apple, but big-box retailer Target has just posted the tablet on its website, quoting a release date of Nov. 21.

First spotted by MacRumors,'s listing shows the new iPad mini as unavailable online and not sold in stores, but reveals a Nov. 21 release date in the product's overview. Interestingly, not all models are shown with a release date, possibly hinting that the information was posted in error.

While the quoted date may simply be a placeholder, it is one of the first indications of a launch timeline for the tablet.


When Apple unveiled the iPad mini with Retina display, the company was vague in its plans, and said the device would launch "later in November." Due to the unannounced release date, Apple is thought to be facing severe supply constraints of the second-generation mini.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was reported that Sharp may be responsible for the shortage as its LCD manufacturing plant is having trouble with yield rates for the high-resolution Retina panels. Even before the mini was announced, analysts speculated that demand would outstrip supply, with production issues hindering full-scale production until late this year.