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Ship times for iPhone 5s improve to 3-5 days for all models

The Online Apple Store is now quoting estimated U.S. ship times for all iPhone 5s models at three to five days, a marked improvement from only one week ago, signaling the company is making strides to catch up with demand.

According to Apple's digital storefront, the popular flagship iPhone is available for shipment within a week in the U.S. and other countries, even the hot-selling gold version.

The iPhone 5s saw brisk sales after the device launched in September, with certain models saw ship times slip to seven to ten business days after being on sale for mere hours. At the time, supply of the gold model was most constrained with ship dates falling to October.

At launch, Apple reportedly faced trouble with low production yields of its new Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is still only incorporated in the company's iPhone 5s. The lack of supply culminated in a sellout of initial stock in under two days.

In mid-October, Apple began quoting ship-by dates of two to three weeks, a number that improved to one to two weeks earlier this month.

While the iPhone 5s has proven to be quite popular, the same cannot be said of the iPhone 5c. According to a report on Monday, Foxconn will be halting production of the 5c at one of its large factories in Zhengzhou, China, and will instead focus on the iPhone 5s. Foxconn is responsible for 30 percent of all iPhone 5c production, with Apple manufacturing partner Pegatron picking up the bulk of orders.