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Apple's iOS in the Car system purportedly enabled in developer simulator, shown on video

A YouTube video posted by an iOS developer on Tuesday appears to show the mapping functions of Apple's upcoming iOS in the Car system, with voice-activated destination search and turn-by-turn directions among the features on display.

The 88-second-long video shows the iOS simulator running on what appears to be an OS X Mavericks desktop with a virtual 800 pixel by 480 pixel display connected. Opening the simulator's Maps app shows a specially-formatted version on the virtual display, and the content can be manipulated from either device.

iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith captured the video and traverses the maps app's basic functionality, searching for San Francisco's Moscone Center on the iPhone and then beaming directions to the would-be in-dash display. A search function features a "speak your search term" prompt, giving examples including "1 Infinite Loop," "ice cream," and "San Francisco."

At one point, Troughton-Smith drops into multitasking mode and attempts to open what appears to be a set of audio controls, but the simulator simply returns to the home screen. No other functions appear to be included.

Smith says the features are included in the shipping version of iOS 7.0.3, but cautions that "an awful lot of work" is required to enable them.