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Video shows purported 'iPhone 6' case fits 6.1mm-thick iPod touch 'exactly'

Unbox Therapy via YouTube

After a supposed "leak" and comparison video, a case purportedly built for Apple's iPhone 6 has been tested against a current generation iPod touch with surprising similarities including near-exact thickness and correct volume control placement.

As noted in last week's video comparing the rumored iPhone 6 case with the iPhone 5s, LG-made Nexus 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S5, the external measurements of Apple's rumored handset look to be surprisingly thin.

According to Unbox Therapy, which got its hands on the bright pink case, the shell itself is thinner than the current 7.6-millimeter iPhone 5s, suggesting the upcoming handset shaves off a substantial amount of thickness while expanding screen size. In addition, the case features rounded edges consistent with previous reports of a revamped chassis design.

The YouTube channel's creator, Lewis Hilsenteger, purchased a current-generation iPod touch to find out if the 6.1mm-thick device would fit in the purported case. As seen in the video above, the iPod's thickness is "exactly the same" as the case's internal dimensions. Further, the volume buttons also appear to line up perfectly with those on the silicone-like shell, suggesting the iPhone 6 may take on a form factor closer to the iPod touch and current iPad lineup.