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Beats Music app added to 'Made by Apple' list in iOS App Store

More than two months after its acquisition of Beats was announced, Apple on Friday officially added the Beats Music streaming audio app to the App Store's featured "Made by Apple" list.

While the free Beats Music app now holds a place on the "Made by Apple" App Store page, the title's developer is still listed as Beats Music, LLC., in line with Apple's promise to keep the firm a separate brand entity.

Beats first launched its subscription-based streaming app and service in January, setting it apart from the crowd with better content discovery and "humanized" song curation.

Following Apple's Beats buyout, the app has rocketed up the charts and now sits at No. 4 in Music, No. 24 for all free apps and No. 41 for top grossing titles. Those numbers are expected to rise even higher after being added to the Made by Apple section and crowned as one of the App Store's "Best New Apps."

Beats Music was last updated at the end of July with enhancements for song suggestions and search history functions. A subscription app, Beats Music boasts an ad-free playlist with over 20 million songs for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. First-time users can try out the service free for one week, while certain AT&T customers can extend that period to three months.

Apple purchased Beats —comprised of Beats Electronics and Beats Music —in May for $3 billion, making it the tech giant's most expensive acquisition to date. Along with Beats' hardware and software arms, Apple snagged employees and co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre as part of the deal. The two media heavyweights will take on senior roles in Cupertino, though it is unclear what impact they will have on Apple's decision making process.