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VSCO Cam for IOS update brings iPad support, access to 'Journal' publishing platform

Popular iOS photography app VSCO Cam received an extensive update on Thursday, bringing a newly built native iPad version, access to "Journal" publishing, filter comparisons and cloud syncing across devices.

Arguably the biggest addition to

">VSCO Cam version 4.0

is support for the iPad. Users familiar with the app will feel at home with the iPad version as many features are carry overs from the iPhone build, but with a much larger workspace afforded by Apple's tablet lineup.

VSCO also sports built-in iPad-exclusive tools like a new Preview Gallery view that lets users compare live filter presets side-by-side during the editing process.

With version 4.0, VSCO Cam introduces a syncing feature that allows users to edit photos taken on their iPhone with an iPad, or vice versa. Sync also works with Android devices.

The other big addition is "Journal." Basically a publishing platform, Journal allows users to layout images in a long-form format, with the ability to add text alongside them. These articles can be searched and viewed by anyone via the VSCO Cam app or a Web browser.

VSCO Cam version 4.0 is available as a

">free 88.4MB download

from the App Store.