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Minimum iOS App Store price rises to $1.19 in Canada, 0.79 pounds in the UK, and 0.99 euros in the EU

Apple's previously announced App Store price adjustments took effect on schedule on Friday, representing a slight increase in the minimum possible price for applications in the European Union, the U.K., Canada and Norway.

The company had alerted developers on Wednesday that the changes would take effect within 36 hours. The adjustments account for localized value-added tax changes and foreign exchange rates.

As a result of the changes, the minimum app price in Canada is now $1.19, £0.79 in the U.K., and €0.99 in the E.U. Similar increases are expected in Norway and Russia, while prices are set to see a decrease in Iceland.

AppleInsiderreported in December that Apple would shift its App Store price model away from a flat rate for EU locales on Jan. 1, meaning customers now have to pay fees based on their country of residence.

The pricing adjustments come a day after Apple touted the success of the iOS App Store after a record breaking 2014 and blockbuster start to the new year. More than $10 billion in revenue was paid to developers last year, representing a 50 percent increase in digital billings.