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Apple pledges $50M to increase the presence of women, minorities & veterans in tech jobs

Apple has announced it will invest more than $50 million into a number of nonprofit organizations, as part of a multi-year effort to increase the presence of women, minorities and veterans working in the technology industry.

Apple's efforts were revealed by Denise Young Smith, head of human resources at the company, in an interview with Fortune. Among the organizations that will be supported are the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the National Center for Women and Information Technology.

In addition, Young Smith said that Apple is talking to military leaders in an effort to find ways to provide technology training for veterans.

Thought Apple is investing in opportunities for people who don't typically seek technology jobs, the hope is that the entire sector benefits from its efforts. That's why the money is going to nonprofits who are not associated with Apple directly, the HR director said.

"In any of these programs, we're really trying to provide focus, impact and a ripple effect —  not just on Apple," Young Smith said.

Under the leadership of Cook, Apple has been focusing on increasing diversity in its workplace in recent years. Last September, Apple also announced two $10,000 scholarships for minority university students looking at future careers in the tech industry.

Also last year, Apple published its first-ever diversity report, which was followed by a video noting that the inclusion of U.S. minorities inspires innovation. The short film was narrated by Young Smith.