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TweetDeck for Mac gets catch-up update, Facebook debuts Riff video app for iPhone

Twitter today released its first major TweetDeck for Mac update since August, bringing support for features like Teams and group messages, while Facebook launched Riff, an app for shooting and sharing collaborative videos.

TweetDeck for Mac upgrades with missing features

Twitter's high-level desktop client has finally gained features already present in some of its other apps, including group messages and in-line playback of animated GIFs and videos. The group messaging function also enables sharing tweets among friends.

One professionally-oriented addition is support for Teams, which let organizations share accounts between multiple users. Another is the ability to get columns and notifications for Dataminr, a service that analyzes Twitter content and other public data to pick up signals of events such as disasters or stock fluctuations.

Tweetdeck for Mac is a free download and requires OS X 10.6.

Facebook Riff

Available for iPhone and Android, the app asks users to record a video up to 20 seconds in length. That clip can be tagged with custom or existing topics, and then added to by other Riff users shooting their own videos. Over time the number of joined clips can build until hundreds or thousands of people have contributed.

Highlighted videos are shown on the homescreen, but users are prompted to log into Facebook to find videos by friends. This also lets users share videos to their Facebook profiles, whether or not they participated in them.

The iPhone version of Riff is a free download for devices on iOS 8.