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Apple Watch preorders will begin after 12:01 a.m. Pacific on April 10

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Preorders for the forthcoming Apple Watch will begin just after midnight Pacific Time in one week, on next Friday, April 10, Apple has revealed.

The official Apple Watch page was updated to note that Apple will begin taking preorders "after 12:01 a.m. PDT" on April 10. That equates to 3:01 a.m. Eastern.

Midnight preorders are not uncommon for an Apple product, though given the two-week try-on period Apple will be hosting at its retail stores, it was previously unclear how preorders might work for the Watch.

With the crushing demand Apple usually faces for new products at launch, the midnight start for preorders would suggest that users who want an Apple Watch on launch day may need to commit to purchasing a model before they even get to try it on.

Apple will also begin accepting reservations for Apple Watch try-ons starting after stores open later on April 10. Customers who book an appointment will be able to come in to a store and spend 15 minutes testing out an Apple Watch on their own wrist, becoming familiar with the hardware and helping to narrow down a selection for size, style and band.

Buyers of the premium $10,000-and-up Apple Watch Edition will get 30 minutes to try the 18-karat gold watch before committing to a purchase. Apple has said quantities of the Edition will be extremely limited.

The Apple Watch will officially launch on Friday, April 24 — two weeks after preorders and try-ons begin. The device starts at $349 for the entry-level aluminum Sport model, and $549 for the stainless steel version.