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Apple working to market Apple Watch to enterprise, job listing reveals

Apple is looking to market the Apple Watch as a tool useful in the enterprise world, and not just as a fashion item, a new corporate job opening indicates.

This week the company posted an listing for an Apple Watch marketing specialist, as discovered by AppleInsider. Apple's ideal candidate will be working with Apple's Business Markets team, and encourage businesses of all sizes to "focus on applications of the Apple Watch in the enterprise space."

The person is expected to be comfortable in developing web, mobile, audio, video, and social content, with skills in areas like writing, Keynote, and Photoshop. A background in "Health/Wellness" is considered a "plus," which may suggest that in some cases Apple wants to sell companies on health and fitness benefits.

Beyond content creation, the specialist will be tasked with running "perpetual competitive analysis," and keeping tabs on the Watch's active enterprise deployments.

Apple has devoted the lion's share of Watch marketing towards consumers, billing it as much as a fashion accessory as a practical device. It's not clear how well the Watch might succeed in the enterprise realm, since it requires an iPhone, and is built for fashion over ruggedness. It also starts at $349, which even with bulk discounts may be expensive to deploy among large workforces.

It could however have a use among businesses that are already attached to the iPhone and want to speed up certain interactions, such as sending alerts or opening secure doors. Apple has yet to show off any uniquely enterprise-oriented Watch apps.