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Apple adds user videos to 'Shot on iPhone 6' ad campaign

As part of its ongoing iPhone 6 ad campaign, Apple on Monday moved beyond still photographs and added to its online "Shot on iPhone 6" gallery a handful of short films shot by users.

Apple includes seven short videos, each around 15 seconds long and set to a backing track, in a new section of its "Shot on iPhone 6" website that debuted in March. The World Gallery of films joins an existing section filled with photos taken by everyday iPhone 6 users.

It appears users relied on Apple's included iOS Camera app to capture featured footage as the website does not make mention of third-party titles. Also unlike the World Gallery's photo category, the new section lacks shooting tips and links to hardware accessories, suggesting the clips were pulled directly from stock iPhone units.

As for the footage itself, a number of clips add drama with slow motion effects, while others show off iPhone's ability to accurately capture the vibrancy of dynamically lit scenes. With optical image stabilization the iPhone 6 Plus is particularly well suited to shoot high-contrast photo and video.

Apple has consistently touted iPhone's camera capabilities as being among the best in the industry standard, and to great effect. When the company kicked off the "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign, for example, it claimed the handset as the most popular camera on earth and plastered gigantic versions of select World Gallery images on billboards around the world.