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Review: Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock for Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners looking to conveniently charge and showcase their wrist-worn device have a new, affordable quality option with the Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock.

Griffin provided AppleInsider with a WatchStand dock for review this week, and we found that it's a well-made accessory that does exactly what it advertises and is easy to recommend. The Apple Watch charging accessory retails for $29.99

Right out of the box, the first thing we noticed about the Griffin WatchStand is how heavy it is. The base of the dock has a metal exterior, with big, sturdy rubber feet at the bottom.

In addition to holding the pedestal for the Apple Watch, the base of the WatchStand also includes a lip at the front that allows users to rest their iPhone at an angle. Users can plug in a Lightning cable and place their iPhone at the base of the dock to have an all-in-one display solution.

The WatchStand does not come with its own Apple Watch charging solution— users will have to bring their own authorized Apple cable and insert it into the accessory. We found the setup and installation to be relatively easy, just requiring us to thread the USB end of the cable through a hole up top, and that hole is then covered by the magnetic charging end of the cable once it's inserted into the rubberized, scratch-proof enclosure.

The USB cable then runs down the column, which is inserted to a plastic hole in the base.

A rubber exterior on the inserted column can be used to hold the cable in place, wrapped around as many times as the user chooses. This allows any excess cable to be reduced, allowing for a more clutter-free desktop or nightstand.

It's a unique design, it's well made, and for $30, we think it's a competitive price.

The Griffin WatchStand is also considerably larger than the competing Mophie Apple Watch Dock, which we also reviewed in May. At that point, it's essentially a matter of aesthetic preference— some will prefer the heavy base, iPhone stand and cable management of the Griffin WatchStand, while others might prefer the smaller and lighter design, as well as the "premium" leather, found on the Mophie Apple Watch Dock.

Left: Mophie Apple Watch Dock. Right: Griffin WatchStand.

But considering the Mophie Apple Watch dock sells for $59.95 and it lacks the excess cable management of the Griffin WatchStand, as well as the ability to prop up an iPhone, we think most users will prefer the more affordable option from Griffin. Recommended.

Where to buy

The Griffin WatchStand is available for $29.99 with Prime shipping from Amazon.