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Apple unveils annual iPhone Upgrade Program, updates standard iPhone price structures

Apple on Wednesday announced a revised pricing structure for iPhones, including the all-new iPhone Upgrade Program, a first-party retail plan that will let shoppers get a new iPhone every year.

Prices for the upgrade program will start at $32 a month, and will include unlocked phones with a user's choice of carrier. Each phone will also be covered under AppleCare+, Apple's most comprehensive warranty program.

For people wanting to get an iPhone through a regular carrier lease program, prices will start at $19 for an iPhone 5s, $23 for an iPhone 6, or $27 for an iPhone 6 Plus. Apple's latest models, the 6s and 6s Plus, will begin at $27 and $31 a month.

On a two-year contract, entry prices for the same devices will run from zero dollars for the iPhone 5s to $299 for a 6s Plus.

Preorders for the 6s and 6s Plus will open up this Saturday, Sept. 12. The products will be officially released on Friday, Sept. 25.