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Parrot unveils new Disco winged drone with 50mph top speed, iOS connectivity

Do-everything electronics maker Parrot on Tuesday unveiled its new Disco drone, eschewing the quadcopter design for a new winged style that adds advanced autopilot systems and a significantly higher top speed.

The Disco features a single, powerful propeller on the rear and a 1080p camera mounted to its nose. Launching the drone is as simple as turning it on and throwing it in the air — Parrot says it will automatically begin to fly itself as soon as the user lets go.

Landing is equally hands-off, with ground sensors that...sense the ground to help the drone land itself.

The company also notes that piloting the Disco requires no prior experience thanks to a new assisted autopilot mode, which in effect translates the user's inputs into safe movements. A "loiter" mode will set the Disco in a continuous circular pattern around a specific point.

Like other Parrot devices, the Disco will connect to the company's official iOS app, allowing iPhone or iPad users to see a live stream of their recording over Wi-Fi. The Parrot Disco will also work with the company's SkyController, which includes an iPad mount and physical input buttons.

Parrot intends to launch the Disco later this year, though there is no indication as to exactly where "later" falls on the calendar. Pricing information is similarly unavailable.