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Apple focuses on 3D Touch, Live Photos in latest iPhone 6s ads

Apple on Wednesday released a pair of iPhone commercials touting the time-saving benefits of 3D Touch and the new Live Photos image format, two features exclusive to the company's latest generation iPhone 6s handsets.

The first 30-second spot, titled "Less Time," positions the company's force-sensing 3D Touch display technology as a time saver. Instead of opening and switching between apps, users can press firmly on compatible links and content to preview pictures, video, Web links and more.

In a series of quick cuts users are seen performing Quick Actions from the iOS home screen, Peek and Pop gestures on photos and video and app-specific content previews.

Apple continues to enlist the help of celebrities, with today's ad featuring a cameo from Aubrey Plaza, who is seen "peeking and popping" flight information.

Related to 3D Touch, at least on iPhone 6s, is Apple's new Live Photos image format, which the company's second ad says are "more than just photos." Introduced with iPhone 6s, the half-still, half-moving images capture brief snippets of audio and video for playback on iOS and Mac machines.

Along with its television ads, Apple is advertising iPhone's photo taking capabilities in the recently renewed "Shot on iPhone" billboard campaign. The company is also pushing iPhone as part of the Start something new initiative targeting digital creatives.