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Apple airs Apple TV ad focusing on Siri voice control, Apple Music

Apple on Thursday shared a new Apple TV ad highlighting the fourth-generation set-top's Siri voice control functionality, deep content search and Apple Music integration.

Titled "The Kiss," Apple's latest ad stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ("Game of Thrones") and Alison Brie ("Community," "Mad Men"), who open the minute-long spot locked in warm embrace, music swelling. The romance abruptly ends as the camera pans out to show the two are in what appears to be a movie set trailer.

Brie, it turns out, is studying Coster-Waldau's performance in "1,000 Time Good Night" on Apple TV in preparation for an upcoming scene. She presses pause on Siri Remote and proceeds to ask a series of technical questions in a vain attempt at understanding the nuance of Coster-Waldau's onscreen chemistry with Juliette Binoche. When Brie asks Siri to play "Game of Thrones" Coster-Waldau quickly protests —his character Jaime Lannister has a love interest that is not what one would call kosher.

Showing the audience his version of stagecraft, Coster-Waldau grabs the remote from Brie and asks Siri to play some Jeremih to get the pair in the mood, humorously cooing along to the singer's dulcet tones.

The fourth-generation Apple TV was announced in September prior to retail availability a month later. Apple's latest set-top boasts Siri integration, the touchpad- and microphone-toting Siri remote, a full-fledged App Store, onboard storage and powerful internals running the all-new tvOS.