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Reversing track, Kanye West's full 'Life of Pablo' may come to Apple Music on Friday

Despite earlier promises by the rapper, Kanye West's complete The Life of Pablo album should appear on Apple Music and Spotify on April 1, a report said on Thursday.

"That's what we understand to be the case," said one of two sources cited by Re/code. Singles from the album — such as "Famous" — made their way onto both services this week, but until today there's been no indication that the full album would break.

West infamously claimed that The Life of Pablo would "never never never be on Apple," remaining an exclusive for Tidal, which launched it in February. West is a part owner of the service.

That exclusivity has helped boost Tidal downloads and subscriptions, but since the service has just 3 million subscribers, reaching the much larger Apple and Spotify listener bases may be essential for the album to make a substantial amount of money.

Tomorrow's version of Pablo is expected to be an updated edition, since West has been changing the album's songs over the past month.