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'iPhone 6 SE' mod kit crams iPhone SE parts into a custom, curved iPhone 6s-like chassis

Via Computer Bild.

Though some early rumors suggested the iPhone SE would have an iPhone 6-like design, it actually shipped in a chassis virtually identical to the iPhone 5s. However, some Chinese manufacturers have made iPhone SE-sized casings styled like the iPhone 6s, which prompted one publication to build their own fully functional so-called "iPhone 6 SE."

Taking the parts from an official iPhone SE and cramming them into a new iPhone 6s-style backplate, Computer Bild constructed their own Frankenstein's monster handset. Designed to look like an iPhone 6s, including rounded edges, the backplate comes in a smaller 4-inch form factor to fit the iPhone SE.

The publication warned that building the "iPhone 6 SE" is not for the faint of heart, requiring one of its most experienced engineers and more than two hours of time for the conversion. Things like replacement tape were also necessary to make sure the battery doesn't rattle around inside the case.

"Only attempt the iPhone conversion if you're a pro. If you have never opened an iPhone before, you are most likely going to fail," they advised.

Via Computer Bild.

Knock-off Chinese companies who made the phony "iPhone 6 SE" backplates included the official Apple logo and the iPhone 6 model number, but Computer Bild cautioned that this is not a high-quality part. The Lightning and headphone connectors do not rest flush with the edge of the device, and buttons are difficult to press. There are also some cosmetic changes, including a camera hole that actually cuts through the casing's antenna lines.

Still, considering its low price (rear shells can be bought for under $20), testers said the "iPhone 6 SE" is "suitable for daily use." They believe it may be a better fit for users who have out-of-warranty iPhone 5 units, rather than those looking for a curved chassis for the iPhone SE.

Launched last week, the 4-inch iPhone SE has the same chamfered edges as the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5. Apple is expected to introduce a new look for the flagship 4.7- and 5.5-inch models with a next-generation "iPhone 7" this September.