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New videos offer first-person view of Apple's Campus 2 'spaceship'

A pair of videos posted to YouTube are some of the first to show an up-close look at the main "spaceship" building on Apple's Campus 2 headquarters, including views of the structure's inner courtyard and underground access tunnels.

Captured by a cement truck driver, the shaky-cam clips offer a brief glimpse inside what is colloquially referred to as "the ring," a massive office building designed to accommodate 12,000 employees. Pictures and drone footage have chronicled the construction process, but the latest videos provide perspective on the sheer scale of Apple's build.

The segment below, spotted by 9to5Mac, was shot in the space that will become Campus 2's central courtyard. Earlier this month a set of architectural renderings were released showing the courtyard will feature at least two food stations and outdoor eating areas.

The second video is a bit longer and depicts the truck driver entering and driving through what is referred to as the Gate 5 tunnel. Work on Campus 2's tunnel network began in 2014 to provide vehicular and pedestrian access to the central ring structure, as well as ancillary buildings including an on-campus theater and parking lots.

Apple has in the past shared official photos of ongoing Campus 2 construction, the most recent being a series highlighting the installation of a large carbon fiber roof covering an above-ground theater entrance.