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Philips' HomeKit compatible Hue white ambiance bulbs now for sale

Philips on Monday announced immediate availability of Hue White Ambiance bulbs and starter kits, an addition to the company's smart light bulb lineup capable of integrating with Apple's HomeKit smart home framework.

As the name implies, Hue White Ambiance bulbs are designed for users who want smartphone control over home lighting, but don't need access to a wide spectrum of colors. The white LED light bulbs were announced in March alongside a revamped iOS app with support for lighting "Routines."

Positioned above the Hue White series, a connected replacement for conventional 60W bulbs, White Ambiance bulbs can be adjusted to emit cool daylight (6,500k) to warm white (2,200k) shades using the official Hue app. With a maximum output of 800 lumens at 4,000k, the product also supports dimming, a component controlled by software or the dimmer switch included in Philips' starter kit.

Philips says Hue White Ambiance lights can help users focus or relax depending on color temperature. To automate the process, the company introduced "Routines" in its last software update, allowing users to apply preconfigured lighting macros to their home systems. For example, the "wake up" routine gradually increases bulb brightness, while a "go to sleep" routine mimics the setting sun to prepare a user's body for sleep. The "nightlight" setting reduces blue light output to help with sleep cycles.

Hue White Ambiance is compatible with a number of smart home solutions, including Apple's HomeKit.

Philips Hue White Ambiance goes on sale today. A $129.95 starter kit includes a Hue hub, two bulbs and a dimmer switch, while single bulbs come in at $29.95.