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Sketchy 'iPhone 7' pricing rumor points to 'Pro' models, 32 & 256GB capacities

A questionable rumor on Thursday reiterated the claim that Apple will sell 256-gigabyte versions of its upcoming "iPhone 7" and "iPhone 7 Plus," while further suggesting there could be an even more expensive "Pro" lineup.

All three versions of the phone will start at 32 gigabytes, the Weibo leak added. Chinese prices will allegedly scale from 5,288 yuan ($804), the current price of a 16-gigabyte iPhone 6s, to 8,888 yuan ($1,351) for a top-of-the-line Pro. That would be a full 1,000 yuan ($152) costlier than the 7 Plus.

Only a few past reports have argued for the existence of a "Pro" iPhone 7, among them one by Japanese magazine Mac Fan. That publication hinted that the Pro would have a dual-lens camera and a Smart Connector, features that before and since have been reported as coming to the Plus.

Earlier this month, separate industry researchers claimed that Apple will be switching to a 32-gigabyte baseline and a 256-gigabyte top-end.

A number of non-Apple smartphones now have 32 gigabytes by default, since memory has become cheaper and the size of apps, media, and operating systems has made 16 gigabytes increasingly impractical.

Apple is generally expected to ship new iPhone models this September, as it has since the iPhone 5.